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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Camper Quilting

Before I left for vacation I prepped some strip sets and fussy cut campers from a cute fabric I bought with the intent of making a camper quilt for our camper.  I packed one other small project that I needed to cut a lot of pieces for.  I even packed my featherweight and a small sewing kit.

We had such a steep learning curve on the camper and lots of visiting.  At the end of day I was ready for bed!  I have the setup but it just didn’t happen.

As you read previously I broke my ankle at the end of that vacation.  That was on July 20th.  I was at the doctor by the 22nd and in surgery the 24th.  Since then I’ve had two different casts and graduated to a walking boot this past Monday.  I am able to do limited walking in that boot and have a knee scooter for longer distances.  It’s been “interesting” to try to cook and do laundry and all the normal things.  These all have been assisted activities.  Mostly the lack of stamina for standing but I’m getting there.

Yesterday I managed to get out for six hours to sew with my friend.  She’s a nurse and knew I wasn’t feeling my best.  She suggested I take my pain pill even though I didn’t feel pain (neuropathy).  I picked up after that!  It’s funny what your body knows it needs.

I managed to sew several of my toes together.  This is the Warm Wishes pattern.  I like it!

Can you see all the cuteness?  Trees, shooting stars, campers, lanterns and pets to name a few items.  I hope to get the rest of the rows sewn at my next session.  This will get done quickly.

After this experience I am looking at hand piecing options.  There are stamps that you can ink onto the back of your fabrics and rotary cut.  The sewing line is marked too.  Right now I want to buy all the things when I should just get one, maybe two, to try.  Google By Kate.  I asked people on several of my Facebook groups and got mostly great reviews!  I’ll tell more if I decide to get them.

What are you working on?


patty a. said...

That will be a cute quilt! Which ankle did you break? I am assuming your left or otherwise it would be hard to drive a car or the sewing machine! Hopefully the next venture in the camper will go smoother and you will have more free time since your learning curve will start to peak!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a fun happy quilt! I am glad you are starting to get on better and better - but yep - managing that pain makes a happy body!!

ShinyNewThing said...

I'm trying to imagine what a knee scooter looks like, ha ha. Great quilt too!