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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Orca Bay and Lazy Sunday

This is the unit that is slowing my progress on Orca Bay.  I have sewn everything else possible, well almost, for this quilt trying to avoid this step.  My "wings" don't fit against my string block correctly.  My string units seem too large.  Many of the components were donated to me premade so I am not sure what the issue is.  I am a "close enough" sewer so I am just mushing them together the best I can. 

I just finished trimming the last of the string blocks so I plan to start sewing wings onto them.  I have 70 more to go and know that I end up ripping some here and there as I don't always get my point quite right.  I'd LOVE to finish these so that I can play with the layout this weekend.  We will see.  Do you see this is just a very fancy "flying geese" unit?  Bonnie called them crabs.  See the white eyes?

Are you making Lazy Sunday?  This is currently running in Quiltmaker magazine as a mystery.  Step 2 brought us one of the blocks completed.  I was fortunate to have taken a class from Bonnie on Nrw Year's for this quilt.  We were sworn to secrecy though.  I am checking in with others working from the magazine to make sure that I don't overshare.  I am going to pick this up again and get all the units of the curernt magazine step made so that I can keep up with the others doing this mystery and then hope to be DONE for the big reveal in September.


Rhonda said...

It is harder to predict how blocks are sewn together when they are donated but I think you are putting them together well.

QuiltSwissy said...

I would have loved to do Orca Bay, but I was just so overwhelmed with other stuff. Can't wait to see yours!

I always have problems with those type of blocks. I have to do flying geese and HSTs oversize and cut them down to get them right.

I must be a terrible quilter. I know some many people who just zip them out and they are all the exact same correctness.

I am at the head of the Uncorrect Line!

Linda said...

I think you are doing great putting these together. I can't wait to see it put together. Keep it up, girl!

I love the colors on the Lazy Sunday block. This will be a very striking quilt.