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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road to Brenham Sew Along

Judy L is starting her sew along of Road to Brenham tomorrow. I have been eagerly awaiting the start of this quilt. I wanted to make it completely from stash and can do so but maybe not in the colors that I wanted to use.

I really want to do it in the colorway that Judy shows but lack about 3/
4 of a yard of the yellow. My other option is to go with the orange.


1) start with the yellow I have and make do for the border that calls for yellow. I am looking to see if I can find another piece of that yellow.

2) buy a new piece of yellow.

3) just use the orange and get over it.

I have explored swapping with someone for a large enough piece of yellow but most people don't have that big of a piece. I WANT to buy more but I SHOULD use what I have. I can't start when Judy kicks this off so I will have to see where I am when I can start.

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

If you have the majority of the fabric you need in stash, then buy the yellow you need. You won't be happy any other way.


Deborah Hamilton said...

Why not use both?

QuiltSwissy said...

Can you find a piece of yellow/blue that will do for the border? That way you can use the yellow you like and ad lib for the border.

Krista said...

I would use the yellow. I'd probably go ahead and get started, and then see where you sit when you get to the borders. Looking at the pattern, you should be able to use a "close" yellow for that, if you really don't have enough.

Ele said...

Sometimes you just gotta break down and buy new of something you really need to have that pleases both your eye and your heart. Sounds to me like you need to shop for some lovely yellow, Swooze. Your quilt will be fabulous with whatever color you end up with tho.

barbara woods said...

The Orange goes well with what you pulled