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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I've Been a Bad Blogger

Not long after I last posted I took a trip to Michigan to meet more of Ray's family.  I met his sisters and lots of nieces.  We also went to see a friend of Ray's and stayed with them for a day or two.  After that we travelled to NY to visit Dad and see how he was managing on his own.  He was taking good care of hisself.  When we left I took more of my Mother's things including her machines and sewing table.  Dad wanted all her clothing gone so I also took care of that leaving a stack for my cousin to pick up for her church.

I had continued to sew and have completed a few tops.  I have also been crocheting and have a few things to share.  I am going to catch you up over the next few days with multiple posts.

Here is the quilt top I made for Ray.  He had been asking for a quilt.  I began looking for a Harley Davidson something to feature in the quilt.  In my mind it was going to be a t-shirt.  I was pleased to find a flag, made of nylon, for the center.  I backed it with black 100% cotton.  The design is based on the Gettysburg pattern by Nancy Miller.

I wanted a bed sized quilt.  When I was figuring the math I kept thinking my blocks were 10" when they were only 8".  Ray said not to worry about it.  That's not my style. He wanted it for the bed and so did I.  I made the flame border to round it out.  I like the flame although it definitely looks like the after thought that it is.  The quilting will tie it together and the borders will be hanging down the side of the bed.  Ray is happy and that is what counts.

Glad to be back!



QuiltSwissy said...

I have so missed your lovely fingers on the keyboard! So glad you hve a great trip and saw that your dad was doing well.

I totally love that quilt! You done good, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back on line and glad you liked the Gettysburg pattern.