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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Quilt Retreat

I went to a quilt retreat this past weekend that started mid day Friday through midday Sunday.  The food, facilities and people were great!  I went with a group of 6 that I knew and met some new friends that I look forward to seeing again.

I took nine projects with me.  2 that I did not touch at all except to carry into the center and then out again when we left.  1 gave away as I discussed in a previous post.  1 I totally finished which was my microwave bowls and then 5 that I did something with even if it was to take out all the piece parts and sort out where I was (only 1 prokject like that).  I was pretty pleased with my progress.

Microwave bowls.

Tumblers cut with GO Cutter and some sewing done.

4 patches made with some gifted 3.5" squares.

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ShinyNewThing said...

Sounds like fun! Do you sleep over, or just go back there each day?