Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last night I finished up all the Christmas cards that I could remember! I sent about 30 two days ago and thought 40 stamps would be enough. Today I just bought 40 more stamps and am through half of those. I made a list and checked it twice! I just can't remember everyone. As I was stamping this last batch I thought of another person I wanted to mail a card to. This must end. Anyone I remember after Friday will get a Valentines card from me!

I have gotten maybe a dozen cards so far this year. I think many have given up on me since I haven't sent cards for the past few years. I always wanted to but my crazy job took all of my time. It is nice to see who is thinking of you at least once a year. After sending all these cards I hope I fall back into the good graces of several and get back on their mailing lists! Of course there are many that, due to age, I no longer expect a card but want to let them know I am thinking of them. I don't really expect a card, I rather should say I HOPE for a card!

Now, that looming thing I mentioned yesterday. I have always wanted to knit and will be the first to tell you that knitting needles are weapons in my hands! I inherited some yarn from my mother in law when she passed away many years ago. In my decluttering endeavors I culled a lot of yarn that I got from her. There was this white nubby yarn I could not let go. With the desire to use this yarn in mind I kepy my eye open for something to do with it. I happened across Knifty Knitter Looms last November or so and bought them. I made myself a hat and scarf on the looms using that yarn and have been hooked ever since! Here is my list of knitty accomplishments.

Loom Knitted Items for 2006 (2005 included as well).

  • White boucle hat and scarf set for me
  • Purple sock/slippers for myself
  • Red shawl for my boss (she didn't seem to appreciate it....)
  • Blue hat and scarf set for Mom
  • Green shawl for my friend Beth
  • Red shawl for Donnamarie
  • Blue shawl for Judy
  • 1/2 dozen bangle purses for many happy little girls in my life!
  • Orange slipper socks for Gavan
  • Various swatches on new looms I got for my birthday

Currently on the loom. I have a blue shawl for myself on a knitting board. I need to put it on my list of things to do so that if gets the attention it deserves!

I have just tons of things I want to do next. So here is the challenge. I am a multi crafter. So which craft or item do I work on next. I think this is how I got away from quilting. I was overwhelmed with all the stuff I wanted to do. Because of this I plan to keep a list of prioritized items to work on next. The realization that I won't be able to do it all in my lifetime is on the verge of my conciousness. This has really caused me to stop buying so much. I find myself admiring a lot more and buying a lot less.

If you are a member of Stashbusters you will see me post reminders about 15 minutes of sewing a day. This is my way of motivating myself to do a little something every day. So with my list in hand and my push to do something for at least 15 minutes a day I should accomplish a lot in the coming days, weeks, months and years! Here's hoping!


Becky said...

So when is swoozie gonna loom-knit a shawl for your favorite maudie?

Lauren said...

This is kniftyknittermom I got your comment about the reversible scarf I will send you the pattern it will be a lot easier to understand. This pattern is so EASY!!! Look for mother.of.cai@gmail.com that is my email address

Lauren said...

What is your email address or just email me @ the mother.of.cai@gmail and I will send you that pattern