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Thursday, December 28, 2006

As of now there is no one on the list to get a Valentines card. I did not think of another person I wanted/needed to send a card to for Christmas once I made my last mailing! Yeah!

Now a little vent. I am always late mailing my gifts to my parents for Christmas and every other event for that matter! This year, much to my dismay, turned out to be no different. I listened carefully to the news reporters talking to the Postal workers and the report saying "If you mail Priority by Wednesday it will make it in time". When I mailed my package off on Tuesday at noon I knew I had it made! I bought tracking as well to be safe. You probably already guessed it, the package made it to the correct city on Saturday but after mail delivery had been made. So my folks present was late. Insert expletives of your choice here. I was not happy. My mother slipped in a snotty comment about it after previously saying not to worry about sending anything. Fortunately their Christmas card did make it on time and contained a portion of their gift. The way I look at it I was only half late! Everything was good on Tuesday the 26th when the package was delivered and my parents were both tickled with what I had made and sent to them.

Mom mentioned she liked the fabric I used to make a totebag earlier that year. She said she would like placemats in fabrics like those. Her wish was my command. Here they are:

Dad mentioned fleece socks that he had gotten last year. I traced them and bought fleece intending to make more. I am not great with not having instructions so I bought a pattern and then lengthened them, per his request, to go up to his knees. He was tickled and slept in them that night. Here they are:

With these done and mailed off I moved onto some baby blankets I wanted to make for ladies at work. It took me about 4-5 days to get two done. Here is the picture of the green one. They were interesting to make.

I now have the chemo cap from my list on the loom and almost done. If you look at my To Do List you will see that I am now back to a quilting UFO. Lists are my savior! I need to update it!

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