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Friday, January 23, 2009

I don’t care if it harelips the governor!

A phrase I learned from my mil many years ago. I have been working on that silly pieced border on the charity UFO I was given. I got over one hump and got overconfident and have to rework some of the pieces a little. And "I don’t care if it harelips the governor” I am gonna finish this top tonight!

Now, let's add insult to injury. I had this little stack of striped triangles to use to work on these blocks. I have just enough for one top to allow the pinwheels to be finished in the border. I also have another top of 4 blocks that I wanted to do the same treatment on, then I have another 6 that need something done. I am going to strip the 3 of the 6 that I are "finished" to use those triangles and send them to Debra for her homeless teen project. Then I will take the triangles from those so I can finish the 2nd top in the same way. I think I will have just enough. Be sure that I will count before I strip because if there are not enough I am getting a new plan involving donating the whole lot!

1 comment:

Suze said...

I sure do admire what you are doing. You go girl.

Oh, my mother always said:
"I don't care if it harelips Job".

Not really sure what that meant either but I say it to.