Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We Have Pictures!
This is the Easy Breezy pattern and is a gift to a man that worked for me a few years ago. I called to see how his son (now 2) is doing and learned there is another baby!!
I had seen a friend make a simple double 4 patch and thought I could make one up quickly. The red and black OU fabric already looks patched so this is just a simple patch quilt. These are both in the wash and will be bundled up to be mailed off tomorrow.

Here are the three aprons I made from the free pattern I got back in November. I made the first and did not like how the ties were done so made a small change there. I am not sure about the pocket so will add it to the two at the bottom later if I decide I need it.


tirane93 said...

hey your color combos came out cute on the aprons!

Eva said...

I love the blue apron fabric Swooze, it really appeals to me. I am going to do some quilting this afternoon I think.

Babs Schmidt said...

Great Job!

ShinyNewThing said...

Love the red and blue toile-type fabric, I was looking at that in the sales but didn't buy it in the end. Great job!

Linda said...

Those aprons turned out so cute! Good job. Hugs, Linda