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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inside the Apartment

I was trying for a yellow and purple color theme. No pans in those colors so we did red. I now have a red crockpot too :).

Louisiana Stash.

Sewing area.

My stash consists of my kitted fabric. Should I bring more? My sewing area is in my living room for now.


romika said...

Thanks swooze for your update on new apartment, just love the red pots and pans. You must give me your addy so I can send you some Tim Tams

Babs Schmidt said...

I would bring whatever you feel you need. I'd have a couple of different projects on hand in case I wasn't in the mood for a particular one.

Love the red pans!

tirane93 said...

oh yah, i can picture it now. a completely sewing room themed apartment decor!

Alycia said...

Oh I love it - the whole front room can be your sewing room, and you can have projects any where you want!!