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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting in the Groove

This is the start of my third week in Monroe. Work has been somewhat slow due to issues with other groups getting the work done with quality so that we can begin our work. Every day we have promises of work to do but so far very little has been delivered. Right now I take advantage of that by leaving early on Friday in order to get home in daylight.

On the apartment front I have a real bed, my kitchen is totally setup and I have t.v., phone and internet service. My living room looks like a college kids apartment since I am using 6 foot banquet tables for the t.v. and my sewing. I have a reclining lawn chair for my living room furniture. I am trying to avoid charging things as long as I can. I feel that I have a livable situation and will add furniture as I go. My next exciting purchases will be a nightstand and lamp and some sort of t.v. stand. All in good time.

The apartment is nice and the neighbors are too. I have heard very little noise from them so it seems like a well insulated place. I have put in a few service requests. Nothing too major though. When dd was here she noticed a dusty substance coming up from the floor. I ran the vacuum and there was a white chalky substance in the carpet. I found it in several areas of the apartment. I think it is carpet deodarizer that you sprinkle then vacuum up. I mentioned this to the management office and they are sending the carpet cleaner to clean the carpets. I spent last night cleaning the apartment so that I had everything off the floor. I think this will mark the last of someone coming into my apartment to do something to it for awhile.

I have a neighbor on the downstairs level to the side that has his patio covered with bird feeders. It is really nice to wake up and see all different birds outside my window. I have tried taking a few pictures but they are not the greatest. I will continue to take them and see if I can improve. Here are a few varieties I have seen so far.


Screen Door said...

Sounds like an OK Home away from Home....You've got a great attitude.....

Vicki W said...

Sounds like things are coming together nicely! What a bonus to have the birds nearby. I think your photos look great!

Babs Schmidt said...

I'm glad things are settling in for you and you're not too busy at work yet.

Love the birds!

Anonymous said...

Time is flying by so fast! 3 weeks already?!?? You have a great home-away-from-home. I like your setup, even if it feels sparse right now. It's very cozy :-) Enjoy the peace and quiet while you have it. HUGS,
Linda (in Mesquite)