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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Goals for 2009

Do you read Judy L's blog? She has a great post talking about your goals for the year and where you are on them. I am trying to remember if I set any goals....going to go look on the blog...brb...

Yep I did. Here they are from end of December.

  • make and donate a QOV
  • make a scrappy quilt
  • make a blooming 9 patch for ds
  • make one of dd's quilts
  • finish what I start within a reasonable time frame
  • low buy. I accumulated too much this year
  • organize and cull my sewing room/supplies
  • continue kitting fabric and patterns
The QOV was done as well as the blooming ninepatch. You saw my stash report. I am breaking even there. I didn't want to just collect fabric that doesn't get used for ages so tracking my habits has helped there. I am working on organization often and am considering selling or swapping books I bought early on that I have since outgrown. I do make a kit now and again but have been working from the kits I made late last year.

Life got in the way in a BIG way this year. But I think I have done well with getting to sew. Recently I have spent more time at it and have seen some real progress. DD's quilt is one of the three that I mentioned having cut and started. Looks like I need to move that up on the priority list with her birthday in October.

How are you progressing on your goals?

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