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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Orca Bay and Quiltville Love

I am still plugging away at my Orca Bay. I needed neutrals and so I went digging in my Orca Bay box of love. This is all fabric that was donated to me so that I would have something to do or play with while I was separated from my stash.

First up are a few of the pieces that I finished using the 3.5" strips I found in the box. These seem to be very fiddly to me when trying to sew the two pieces together. I think I found my stride. Only have to make 100 of these suckers!

This picture shows most of the notions that I received in donations from Quiltville yahoogroup fans.

This is my Orca Bay box of love. There is everything from yardage to strings to Orca Bay components. When I finish up the current Orca Bay I will be making a second one from all the components I was sent by individuals.

Finally here is a love quilt that was made by Quiltville yahoo group members. The individual blocks were sent to one individual who then assembled the top and passed it onto someone else for quilting and binding. All the blocks have signatures on them by their maker and there is a wonderful label on the back with Proverbs 17:17 written on it. The center block is a cute house with a dog on it. Very fitting in light of my house fire and the loss of a dog (she ran away) during that event.

I have a great respect for people that are so giving of their things and themselves to complete strangers. These acts of kindness bring light to a sometimes very dark world. I have much to learn from these kind souls.


Bonnie K Hunter said...

This was so wonderful to see through pictures! I'm so happy we have such a wonderful and giving, caring group!


Rhonda said...

I could just dig into that box and fondle fabric.... LOL
It is truly amazing how people can pull together for a cause or to help their fellow human beings.... it give me hope.

Helen in the UK said...

It's wonderful to see the amazing generosity of quilters in action! Glad to see your OB is coming together very nicely. Keep up the good work :)