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Monday, March 05, 2012

Design Wall - 3/7/2012

I worked on my pieces for my Orca Bay border for the weekend. Now I just have to start sewing them together and make my QST pieces.

I was trying to hand sew the holes in the quilt I volunteered to fix for my coworker. It was so frustrating because there is/was a satin type fabric that was in there and is/was shredded. My table mates at my Friday night church sew in suggested I just return it. I couldn't after all the work I had done so far. That is I had deconstructed it too much to return. I felt like the best thing was to take it down to the individual units. That is what I did. I am now pulling all the loose threads from those parts and will be trimming them to a common size once I figure out what that is.


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Rhonda said...

You are a sweetheart for taking on that challenge and I think you are on the right track with the deconstruction to reconstruction road.