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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Can You Sew Something For Me?

Do those words strike fear in your heart?  They should mine but I like to "help". 

So the neighbor asked...can you sew something for me?  I asked what he needed sewn.  He showed me these truck visors and told me when he needed them by.  I said I would try.  Of course the boyfriend is sitting there saying "Sure she can do it.  She can sew anything".  Sigh...

So I took ONE of these visors and stripped it.  The sun eaten fabric had been sewn to a thin piece of cardboard and then placed over a wooden piece on a metal rod.  You can see the metal piece that attaches it to the vehicle at the bottom of the picture.

For the cardboard I decided to use PELTEX 71 which is very stiff and fusible on one side.  The guys decided they needed to be vinyl.  I checked it out and it wasn't too expensive so bought some. 

I took the fabric that I removed from the visor and made a pattern on the PELTEX.  I cut it out then folded it in half and trimmed it to be sure everything lined up.  I then cut the vinyl about 1 inch larger than the fusible.  I fused it to the PELTEX.  The vinyl held up well to the steam press cloth.  I then tried to fold the edges over and glue it to the fusible on the other side.  I think elmers glue and more time would have worked as the glue stick did not.  I folded the piece in half then folded the fabric edges in.  Smoothed it all out.   Used my binding clips and clipped it all around.  I ultimately sewed the piece like a sleeve up to the end near the mounting piece and then slipped it over the wood.  I adjusted everything and sewed it close as best I could.

I had boyfriend deliver the first one hoping the neighbor would say forget it.  I don't like it.  Stop.  I continued working on the second one just in case.  When I didn't get a phone call and the bf didn't come back I knew I had to finish the second.  Same procedure.  Much better the second time.  I walked it down to the neighbor and was greeted by him yelling from the garage how awesome the first visor was.  The first was already installed in the truck.  I handed him the second and he went right to work putting it in.

I like the alligator look.  It adds some fun.  The truck belongs to the neighbors Dad.  I think he'll get a kick out of it.

On the quilt front.  I finished my Feedsack Patches to the top/flimsy stage.

Lori in Ohio mentioned on Quiltvillechat yahoo group that she had "some" extra Orca Bay pieces.  I quickly emailed her and asked if she had any extra wings.  She said she had some and would send them to me.  A few days later I had at least 150 of them in the mail.  The wings are the little black and white pieces shown below on one half of the HST.  I cut out some white for the other side and sewed them up.  I have begun sewing them together to build my outer border for my Rainbow Orca Bay.  I have sit and sew Friday so will be cutting the inner border there where I can spread out.  I will then layout the outer border.  There are some border pieces that are in another colorway so I will lay that out to see how I want to piece those in.  I plan to have a finished top by the end of the weekend!


What quilty things are you working on?

Quilty hugs!


Sarah Nopp said...

That is too much fun. Who knew that visors were that easy to mod?

Rhonda said...

Wow, you did good. If I had to figure out something like that, my head would start spinning....LOL
I'm working on a fish quilt but got sidetracked into cleaning up my sewing area so that I can find things.

Cher said...

fabulous job! and look, I found your blog myself. your story reminds me of being touted as well. sheesh. but you totally rocked those visors! I have a cd holder idea I will eventually get to at some point. what a lucky guy however.

Michele Bilyeu said...

I LOVE your alligator sun visors! And I bet he will get a ton of compliments...look out, you may be asked to make more for others, now!!