Judy L's UFO Challenge

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Glen Started It!

No really she did with this post. She had been texting me the previous night and mentioned she was at her guild meeting. She relayed the story she shared in her post via text.

When I read her post it had me thursting for details. I wanted to know exactly how many UFOs she had and how many of them were completed tops. She lured me into divulging my sordid details.

I tossed some number out then felt the desire to know the specifics. I went to my handy dandy spreadsheet and counted. I have 42 UFOs with 4 of them in the piecing stage.

Why do I have so many unquilted when I have this Avante sitting here. I'm still trying to get over my "what if I'm not good enough" syndrome. I've even tried to convince myself to work on them in 15 minute increments a day. It hasn't worked yet. I will say that I made progress by getting backings made and battings ready for several.

So today what do I see? Glen's true confession here. And she has almost as many UFOs as me. And she also has an Avante. Why isn't she whipping them out? She also made progress by trying to pull backings together. She must have the same disease as me. I'll have to consult with her.

After reading her post I decided I am going to quilt that quilt on my frame today! I need to get even with her. I was all set to start working and I couldn't turn my overhead light on. Got that resolved then decided I was hungry so made lunch. When I finished eating I decided a nap is in order. Hopefully the urge will be there when I awake.

I'll leave you with a picture of my quilt ladder laden with unquilted tops. I really have some pretty things here and need to get them finished up.

I hope you and yours are safe from the path of Irma.

Quilty hugs!



QuiltSwissy said...

I wonder how many people want to challenge themselves and each other by doing a monthlong marathon quilting session,? 🏃‍♀️🏃

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I haven't checked in for awhile and still finding more blogs that my reader lost sometime ago when there was a weird update for it. I just saw your blog on someone elses sidebar and thought - there is another of the lost blogs! have you thought of taking a class to go with your long arm - maybe if you had someone walk you through it you would feel confident to use it - otherwise I would see about selling it and go back to your domestic and get some quilting done

cityquilter grace said...

so glad to see somebody's UFO pile bigger than mine...i too have put a walking foot for my bernina on the list so i can hopefully get them done faster...

Barb said...

sorry... laughed when I saw all the quilt tops....only because it reminds me of me