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Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Misremembered

Back in March of 2007 I bought the fabric and pattern to make this quilt.

I got a great deal on this fabric and thought it was especially great because I had enough fabric to make two!

Fast forward to 2010 when I actually made the top. I was surprised that I would not have quite enough to make that second quilt. I was in no hurry to make the second one so figured I'd pick up what I needed as I came across it.

Over time I would look for a piece of turquoise fabric to fill in what I needed. Eventually I found something that would work and put it with the rest of the fabric.

I pulled out the book to refresh my memory because when I showed the above quilt I got a commission to make the quilt again just another row longer. I took out all the fabric to prep it for cutting. It was at this point I realized it wasn't the turquoise color I needed it was the purples and I needed three of them. I misremembered!

I sort of set it aside and didn't think too much about it. As I came across purples that I thought would work I set them aside. I decided to cut the white I needed for this quilt. I also pressed the other fabrics as well and it dawned on me the pinks weren't even in the stack. I misremembered that I took that pink out and did who knows what with it.

Regardless, I realized I was going to need three more pinks just like the purples. Look at the ends of the quilt. You will notice that there is an "extra" row of these two colors. This extra came from my second set of fabric when I made the first.

I cut and sewed and cut what I did have. I will be stash diving for the rest. I plan to get this done in the next few weeks so I can stop misremembering!




Rhonda said...

You sound so much like me....laugh out loud!

patty a. said...

Misremembering - too funny! Since you will have to dig thru you stash to find the fabrics you need, maybe you will come across some treasures you forgot about.

Barb said...

Love the quilt...

cityquilter grace said...

it's beautiful regardless....