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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

I Would Ask What Was I Thinking....

...but apparently I’m not. Ive been wasting time and resources on this quilt repair.

- What I did was try to patch the sheer backing and add other fabrics that matched in color to make it big enough. I then loaded this flimsy, stretchy, oddly shaped thing on my frame. I will unload it tonight
- What I should have done is find a suitable new back and load it. I bought that backing last night and got it pieced and pressed. Will load it tonight


- What I did was try to piece additional batting onto a too small, lumpy, mixed material filler. I will unload it tonight
- What I should have done is load a nice, shiny new batting onto the frame. I might load it tonight

At least I’m working at it. I’m not quite sure why my mind isn’t right about this project but it will soon be complete!




QuiltSwissy said...

Everything is a learning opportunity. I really am a bad friend though. I did look at it, but I was just home from Santa CAAWS an didn't have an ounce o strength to comment. I have several old quilts that have the same type of insides and I know it is thin. I really should have commented in that vein and given you some of my odd knowledge.

And I won't be posting my photo, it is really not great an Frank looks like he is sporting a clubbed foot. however, the dogs looked good.

patty a. said...

One step forward two steps back with this project! If there is a next time you will know to just replace the unsuitable materials with materials that will work. At least you haven't given up and just tossed it!

Chantal said...

Repairing an older quilt is like doing home renovation. You wont know what you're in for until you take the walls down. Then, it too late to back down, lol. That was my experience anywho! Hang in there. In the end, you'll be glad you stuck to it. ;^)