Judy L's UFO Challenge

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Getting Organized

I have been diligently folding fabric.

Here are the reds through greens.  There is wiggle room for any foundlings.  I have large pieces for backings stacked on top.  Those a future folding endeavor.

Then there are the blues through the grays.  Stacked on top are my creams and whites intended for backgrounds.

Then we have the inevitable Dammit pile.  As on dammit I already folded that color.  Thank goodness for wiggle room.  There’s more beyond what’s shown.

I have also been making bindings as I encounter small caches of fabric that were intended for that very thing.  My goal was one a week and I’ve exceeded that.  I have mynext few sets ready to be processed.  I have liberated so many project totes that I may get rid of some of them but that will be after I finish my quest.  

My quest is to not have fabric in every part of the house.  I have three designated spots.  Stash room, sewing room and my longarm space.  It’s improving with each passing day.

What’s happening in your sewing world?


Elle said...

YEA!!!! So glad the big chunk of work is behind you. Your stash looks fantastic :-)

cityquilter grace said...

looking great....having it corraled i am sure will give you new motivation and ease of knowing exactly what you have...can i shop at your place...LOL!

patty a. said...

You have quite a stash of fabulous fabrics! It will be great to get them all corralled! I am going to start being more brutal about what I am keeping. Closets jammed with stuff have got to be liberated! Piles that need tamed! I need to make more tote bags for the merch booth so I need to get the ones I have cut out sewn together. there is always something to do at my house!