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Monday, January 19, 2009

10 Yards Busted

I have been thinking about my fabric used to date. I have finished two baby quilts and one lap size top this year. That only accounted for 10 yards. Then I think about how long it takes me to walk into a store and buy that amount or more in a few hours or less. My eyes are opened wider every day.

Now I will say that there are those out there that like to buy and keep a large stash. It is their painters palette. For them that is fine. I am not to that point yet. I have lots of fabric that was purchased just because and need to find what that "because" is. Until now I make a quilt where I have bought the fabric I intend for a specific pattern. That is what all my kits are that I am pulling together. Yes Sharon I will count and report them soon. Once I wade through these I may need to learn to be a scrapper. My other option will be to pull as much from my stash as possible then buy the fillers.

I am finding my way....

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Mary said...

I think my stash is fairly decent sized and yes, I do feel like I need it for a couple reasons, scrappy is what I like and do best and I work all hours of the day and night and I like being able to go to my shelves and pull what I need.

I also focus on using what I have but after going through a few years where I tried NOT to buy fabric, now I buy if there's something I want but otherwise, I work from what I have.