Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finished Pinwheels!

I rushed home last night and started trimming the remaining 20 HSTs. I ended up trimming for about an hour after I posted Sunday night. I immediately went to my sewing machine and sewed the HSTs into pairs, pressed and right back to the machine. I now have all my HSTs together.

I started playing with the layout last night but don't have good floor space to lay everything out. It is my group sewing date this weekend so I will just take it all over there and lay it out on the floor. I can get group input that way as well!

I think I will play around with the three charity quilts I am working on that were someone elses UFOs. That should keep me busy through this week.


Melody said...

Wow Swooze you are really getting alot done. Can't wait to see the finished quilts. Keep on stitching, Melody

Lori in South Dakota said...

the group sewing date sounds like fun.