Judy L's UFO Challenge

Monday, January 01, 2007

A goal without a plan is a dream. I drive past an automotive repair shop from time to time and the shop owner places a motivational sign in front of his business each day that he is open. I thought this sign was fitting for the first day of the new year. I have been thinking about my goals for the year all day today. The same themes come up each year for me. Health, finances and organization. In my organization goals I lump my plans to finish things.

Health. 2006 was not kind to us in the health arena. My hubby is on the liver transplant list as a result of contracting Hep C and developing cirrhosis. All we can do is keep his diabetes and general health under control and in the best condition we can and wait for that call. My son is a Type 1 diabetic. He does ok with his control but we will be working with the doctors to see if we can start an insulin pump. Less insulin, less needle sticks! Just trying to keep him in good control and with puberty raging it has been tough! I am a type 2 diabetic. I take my meds but am not careful about testing or watching what I eat as much as I should. My daughter is healthy but very overweight. My plan this year is to continue cooking meals and getting more healthy choices in front of the kids expecially for snacking. This is hard for an always hungry boy. Weight loss is in order for the kids and I. For me, I want to lose 15 pounds by the end of the year. For the kids I want them to lose at least 20. This will involve more exercise for all as we are sorely lacking in this area.

Finances. Again another hard year for us in 2006 as hubby lost his job due to his health. Very small company, they don't have the same rules as the big companies. We are working on SSI for him now. We are hoping to have this until he gets and recovers from his liver transplant. I need to be better about paying bills on time and knowing what we have in our accounts. My plan is to balance everything at each payday.

Organization. I have a UFO list on my blog. My plan there is to sew at least 15 minutes a day on one of those items and to complete all of them this year. This is a very doable list. I have my "Fab 4" selected and as I finish 1 will add another to that list. This will help me stay focus and not feel so overwhelmed. Here is a picture of those UFOs.

My "Fab 4" are the King size log cabin, Peacock, Lavendar and Green Irish Chain and the Peach top I purchased. This is subject to change! LOL!

The other area of organization is to get all my sewing and crafting items contained into my sewing room. I spent time today pulling all the UFOs out and straightened up the room a little bit. There is too much stuff and I need to get a plan on how I will store it all. I will cull all that I can. For the rest of the house I will create a plan and post more about that later.

Here is wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy 2007. I wish you all the best!


Beth said...

Aaaaahhhh to have so few UFOs! I can always dream :) Keep up the great work with organizing and getting the UFOs finished! I love to see your finished quilts!

Shelina said...

I've loved reading your posts, so much so that I am reading all of them. Looks like we have the same goals about finishing UFOs, taking care of our health and our finances, etc.

I have been doing that too. I thought I would offer some tips on the finances part. I did it layer by layer, like an onion. The goal is to think long term success, and limiting big sacrifices to short term.

Take care of the stupid expenses - late fees, overdue videos, library books, etc. Just doing what you are supposed to do on time saves lots of money and emotional energy.

Reduce expenses that won't effect you - like calling credit card companies to reduce interest rates, comparing insurance rates, comparing internet connection rates, gas company rates, etc. This takes time up front, but will save you forever afterwards.

Cut back on the not important (doesn't feel like a sacrifice) expenses - mine will be different from yours - a subscription to a magazine you don't always get around to reading, cable tv, caller id, organization dues.

I try to save energy by wearing sweaters, putting plastic up on the windows, and increasing humidity levels, so the house still feels just as warm.

Increasing income by working overtime, asking for a raise or looking for a better job also helps.