Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One side completed I have completed one side of my 7 Sisters. I flipped the quilt around to look at the opposite side in preparation to start quilting it. I was not prepared to see that there are quite a few repairs that need to be made first. I have seams coming out, a blown piece of fabric that needs to be replaced and if you remember the dog incident, I have to piece batting back onto the original batt as the dogs tore too deeply when they got ahold of the quilt. I have become quite practiced at this so I will just fix it and go on.

Ok, ok are you buying that plan? I am going to check the three remaining sides and see if there are any that can be quilted right now and quilt that one! So there! If not then I will quilt what I can until I am forced to start fixing! LOL!


doni said...

Sounds like you're busy rationalizing - remember you're in "get'er done" mode!

You're really making progress - way to go, girl!

doni @Oregon Coast

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you'r making progress... can't wait to see the finish product.

Congrats on winning the bag! Lucky you!

Teresa said...

WTG on your hand quilting which looks very nice I might add from from a few posts back. And congratulations on your prize bag and FQ. That bag is so cute, I want one!!!