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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sadie Helping

I mentioned that whenever I get my 7 Sisters out someone shows up to "help" . Note the dog slobber on the quilt.

When Sadie gets overly rambunctious we do doggy yoga. We lie her on our belly and rub hers.
She does calm down.

Here is some quilty content. Not my 7 Sisters. Karen don't look if you want to be surprised!!


Gina said...

Anither trick to cakm a dog down is to rub the head in small circles. that always sends Stanley to sleep, no matter how hyped up he was.

love and hugs xxx

Hannies Annies said...

ok sadie is adorable and the one with her looking at the camera and her belly showing is priceless!

Mary said...

Chesty will do this same thing when I'm trying to bind a quilt - try to come sit right on top of it so I can't move it.

I don't let him on donation quilts even though they will be washed AND he doesn't shed but I usually work around him if it's one of mine.