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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Piecing 8th quilt since mid-September

When I finished my UFOs in September I went to my quilting line-up and jumped right in. I pieced a long overdue baby quilt only to find out that the baby (now 2) has a baby brother. I looked at the leftovers from that quilt and decided to piece a quick 6" block top using leftovers of the first top. I had to go out and buy another yard of the focus fabric yesterday and have already cut it up. I will start piecing it and have it ready for basting this weekend. I already bought the backing a few weeks ago. I will post a pic of both of these tops soon.

I also pieced 3 super sized ninepatch tops from some fabric I bought at the big Golden D'Or shopping trip earlier this year. I will probably leave these tops to quilt as needed or if I want to practice my freemotion skills. I bought the backing fabric when I bought the rest of the fabric. I think I neglected to post pictures of these as well so I will take some and post these soon as well.

Finally, I pieced three lap quilts. One was using some golf themed fabric that I have had in my stash for what seems like forever. I know it has been at least 10 years. Babs saw me working on it and gave me some golf ball fabric that I plan to use to bind the quilt with. The other two are the floral chevron quilts I pictured this week. I bought this fabric in March of 2007 at the Dallas quilt show. I also have backing fabric fabric for all three of these.

4 of these quilts are gifts that I want to give for or near Christmas. My plan is to baste all four of them this weekend and then begin the quilting. I have batting for all of them. The only thing I have to make sure I have is the thread. I need a red (always hard to match), pale yellow and navy.

Finally, my father in law is going through some tough life changes right now. My hubby asked me to put a quilt together for him in time for Christmas. This sort of puts a wrench in my plans of getting everything done early. Because he is local I should be able to pull it off as I will be able to work on it until the last minute and hand deliver it. The hard part at the moment is that dh reads the bylines of some of the quilts books I have and thinks I can just whip up a double quilt in a week because that is what the book says. 7 day quilts. Hey! You can do that right? That is what the book says. Wish us luck on finding that right pattern and fabric and that we both survive the event!


Quilt Pixie said...

perhaps the DH would like to make his first quilt as a 7 day quilt...? :-)

Jen said...

I just made a pretty slick quilt that was SOOOOO quick. It's by Maple Island Quilts and it's called BQ2. You're using one focal fabric and then 2 accent. I made the blocks for a lap quilt in a few hours so a double wouldn't be a biggie. =) And....this is where I tell my hubby he has to step in and help. He usually becomes the ironer as I'm piecing.

Babs Schmidt said...

Can't wait to see pictures of all the stuff you're working on. Good luck on finding a pattern for your FIL's quilt. The Double 4 patch I made goes together really fast. So does a YBR.

julieQ said...

Wow, sounds like you have gotten so much done. I will be looking forward to seeing all of them!!

Ele said...

Gee, all that quilting and you still found time to build blue hair!! You are amazing!


Vicki said...

You have been very busy indeed! I love the goals of stashbusting and no UFO's. They are my goals too. I have having trouble finishing my non quilting ufo's. Can't wait to see pics of all of your work.

Mary said...

I'm pretty impressed...my piecing has slowed way down this year and I'm ready to do something quilt...I need a quilt in a day pattern!

Mary said...

You've been so busy and it sounds like you're going to be even busier! Can't wait to see pics of your projects!

Lynn E said...

Good day Swooze. Like your dahling hubby I believe you can do anything right! Swooze you can can't you!?