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Monday, October 12, 2009

Design Wall Craziness

The first two pics are bits and pieces of my Random Blocks quilt. The batiks have a wide range of different color in them which made this an easy "scrappy" quilt for me. I plan to have the blocks done this week.

I have the small blocks sewn and am checking them for square. There are 36 of them. I have one more round to put on the medium blocks shown in the second pic. Then the small blocks form the center of the large blocks. I have to make nine of those. At this point I will be cutting a little and sewing a little to make sure I have the best color mix I can get.

These are the fabrics that I plan to use to make Judy L's most recent quilt for an hour. There is also a white that will be used. I wanted to make sure I liked the colors I chose against that black. I am going to try to get the cutting started so I can sew it this weekend.

Hmmm am I crazy? Does this look familiar? I decided to make a throw for a friend for Christmas. Friend do you know who you are? Do you like it?

Here is DD's quilt. I have the final plan. I have a grey print with black bonsai on it. DD picked it to be the backing but the quilt has outgrown it. There will be a 3" sash between the columns of pinwheels. 2" sash around the "bamboo" border and at the top and bottom. To get the proper length I will be adding a 2" sash at the top and then a border at the bottom of 4" squares from the various prints. There will be a 2" sash/border around this as well. It looks good in my minds eye at the moment. My goal is to top this sucker this week!!!

I have been having fun. Can you tell?


Barb said...

I love your fabric choices....and your DD quilt as well.

Gari in AL said...

Wow, you are really busy. I do like all the color, this is the way I like to do quilts.

ShinyNewThing said...

DD's quilt is satisfyingly busy, and I like the border.

Quilter Kathy said...

Yes...I can tell you are having fun!
Your batik blocks are my favorites!

Trish said...

I really like what you have been working on. You are really going to town on dd's quilt. It is fun when it starts coming together after being troublesome! I have been debating starting Judy L's quilt. I've laid out some christmas fabric, but not sure if I want to start this one now. Love your color choices!!

Lynn E said...

I love the eye candy . Does a person good!!!