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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilting with Mom

When I went to visit Mom earlier this year I took a Jelly Roll and pattern that I wanted us to make together. We gathered our tools and found a place to setup and get started. I let Mom start cutting her pieces first while I read from the pattern to make sure we were getting it right. After she cut for a (short) while she said to me "Why don't you cut, cutting isn't my favorite part." I took over. No problem since I had to cut mine out anyway.

After cutting hers out we went to the sewing machine. Again I had her sew while I read from the directions to make sure we were assembling the block correctly. After the first block was together and we had started assembly line sewing she said "Why don't you sew, sewing isn't my favorite part." I turned to her and asked her "Why do you quilt? Nothing seems to be your favorite part?". We both chuckled. She said she likes to quilt it is just some parts are not her favorite.

When it came time to start pressing my Mother took hold of that iron and went to town. Boy was I happy with that. Because pressing blocks is not my favorite part! Together we managed to get her top together.

We talked about what other projects she had lined up and she told me about a tablerunner she planned to make. I told her I would help her with it if she wanted me to. She asked me to show her how I cut the fabric (anyone see a pattern here?). I got setup and she read the directions to me. This time I showed her some tips on cutting to try to make it easier for her in the future. I cut almost the entire runner out with the exception of the binding and backing. We discussed that she would do that although she doesn't recall that we made that decision.

Some time after I left I got a call from her. She was putting the table runner together and apparently not enough of the border strips were cut. She told me I had to fly back up there and finish the job. She managed to finish that cutting. Here is her result.


Marty Mason said...

You guys make a great team.....I love her table runner. Even mini-mini quilting bees can get the job done and just in time for her fall table setting!

Barb said...

My husband will often come by my sewing room and see me on the computer smiling...he will ask why...and I tell him..well....you blog made me smile today. Love the runner

Ele said...

How lucky you are to have your Mom still around to share your quilting with, Swooze! I would give my rotary cutting tools to have that opportunity. Tell her that iowegian said she does great work and to keep it up!!

Hugs, Ele

Babs said...

She did a great job finishing it. I wish my Mom still made stuff.

Mary Johnson said...

It sounds like our Moms have something in common, I do a lot of cutting for mine too.

So sorry to read about Jack.