Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I stepped into my sewing room and decided to start at the door and work my way around. I folded the fabric near the door and put it in a stack to be put away. I took a few items and flung them to the place in the room where their "relatives" reside. I looked up at the stack of cross stitch stuff and froze. Knowing how long it takes me to cross stitch an item I stopped my sorting. I was overwhelmed with how much stuff I have in just that one category!

I started writing my categories of things that I have in my room and then general categories under that such as thread, fabric, tools. I am hoping this will help me focus and find the right organizational tools for the job.

I will be putting my big girl panties on shortly and heading back in there to deal with it. Even if I make a small amount of progress in there I will be ahead of where I started the journey. This is already one big reality check for me!


julieQ said...

Oh, me too!! Please see my current blog post...and that is not even all!!

Sherry said...

Swooze, when things get too overwhelming try just working for 15 minutes (or 30 or whatever amount of time works for you). Setting a timer works for me (I know there will be an end to the "work").

Good luck!!

Marié said...

I can relate to all this! One organization book I read suggest the kindergarden approach where one group items together. What work for me is to have several bins for different projects. I ussually work on several things at one time. The problem is- I have run out of space for my bins so I need to throw old stuff out! (Very hard to do)