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Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Pictures - Part 2

This is the neutral that I have in my living, dining, Gav's and master bed room. I hope it dries lighter than it appears here.

My kitchen. Love it!

Hall bath. This is sort of a milk chocolate color. The floor tile is a blue gray. Looks scrumptious!

My exterior paint with more light on it.


Rhonda said...

The colors looks great. I know you're excited!! Take care.

Gari said...

It's at this point that I start wanting to camp out in it. When we build our house I was there every day and would take my lunch or dinner just to "play house" there. Once, when we moved, we did camp out in the house for three weeks while we waited for the furniture. Sleeping bags and lawn chairs for 6. Good times.

Vic in NH said...

The kitchen looks so sunshiney; and all quilters love milk chocolate! Thanks so much for sharing all the exciting progress.

Krista said...

Looking good. I bet you can't wait to move back in.

Howdy said...

I know you must be excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel!