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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next Border Complete and Another House Update

I have the next round complete. I just need to do a little trimming and pressing then I can attach it. I work on this as I get little spurts of desire. Those few minutes here and there really add up.

The rest should be pretty easy to put together since I will be making this section as it was...for the most part. No rearranging just a little balancing.

I was told my house was painted today (inside). The cabinets are being delivered tomorrow and will be installed this week. Windows will arrive this week as well. The built-ins are all done and the dog door is installed. Just waiting for my insurance check so that I can get counters, tile and appliances. That is due to come in any day now.


Gari said...

It sounds like the quilt, the house, and you are coming along quite nicely, each moving at you own time. I know you will be happy to be able to get home and get life back in order.

Vic in NH said...

Sort of glad that you do not need to be there to smell all the paint fumes. I kinda like them but they give most people bad headaches.
The friend's quilt is going together nicely!