Judy L's UFO Challenge

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Crossroads and 3D Bow ties

I've been working all week on a BOM that I participated in at my LQS last year. I'm generally not a fan of them but this one really caught my attention. I think I managed to do last year was to cut a few pieces but I never started sewing on it. This week I cut out and pieced 12 3 inch finished churn dash blocks. I have assembled those into the center section of the quilts and I'm ready to start adding the rest of the borders.

It is not pressed in this picture but it has been since then and looks really good. I can't wait to get this quilt finished.

Last year I bought several UFOs from an estate sale of one of our guild members. One of them was a red and white 3-D bowtie quilt. There were about 80 blocks complete and another 25 or so that were partially assembled. I finished sewing those together and begin playing with a layout. I welcome any suggestions for other possible layouts.

I'm linking with WIPs be gone. I've never linked with them before and I'm hoping I'll learn what their mission is. It would seem to me its to finish quilts.



Angie in SoCal said...

Our mission at WIPs Be Gone is mainly to make progress on all those wips and ufos we have hanging around. I really like the two projects you showed. Can't suggest another setting for the 3-D bowtie, but I sure like the one shown. I'm going to follow you and see what you decide. Blessings,

Chantal L. said...

Beautiful Churn Dash blocks. I think you score big when you got those 3D Bow-ties. Your layout is very nice. If you want another view, I did a quilt with bow-ties and my setting was an O and X. Being a two color quilt, this setting might not work as well as mine was scrappy. Guess you'll have to try it to see. I also added a sashing. You can see it here