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Saturday, February 10, 2018

OMG Update and Getting Unstuck

I had a date with the seam ripper this past week and got the chevron border off the horse quilt. I ripped the borders down and have to sew two of them back together where I spliced a block out rather than taking the corners off too.

Everything is pressed and ready to sew for the borders. I’ll cut the brown border down and add the shortened chevron borders back on.

Why did I take the borders off? I didn’t like how it lay on the bed. I wanted the chevron completely on top. Plus the brown border looked too chunky to me. When you make it up as you go along that is how it goes. Sew a little. Rip a little. Repeat.

I own a Handiquilter and they have a ruler club going on right now. My meeting was today. There was discussion and demos. I asked everyone how they get started quilting when they feel stuck. The shop owner suggested I keep a practice piece on the side and wsrm up on that before I start quilting. Will try that out!

The other part of my OMG goal is getting caught up on the Border Creek Station mystery. I have to make six pinwheels, which are now done but need trimming, and make 24 flying geese. I have to cut a few more strips and subcut them but have 1 done and 16 half done.

How are you doing with your quilty goals?



QuiltSwissy said...

I can't visualize what you are doing with your chevrons so I will wait for a pic. do you like the ruler club? we have one here and I was wonering if it owuod be good to go to.

I use a practice piece if I am going to do something fancy. I also add a piece of leftover batting to the side of my quilt and cover it with a piece of scrap and prcatice there, or set my tension.

QuiltSwissy said...

So where is spellcheck when i need it? LOL

patty a. said...

I hope you are happy with the horse piece now. I don't seem to making any progress on quilty projects - too many other projects have been getting in the way lately. I have a bunch to tote bags that I want to get done this week. I will post the story behind these bags after I get them done.