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Saturday, September 25, 2021

September OMG Complete

I finished sewing all 7 columns together on my Lakeview Terrace quilt.  I found the tutorial of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

We have been trying for two months to pulling our camper into the driveway in order to protect the equipment from thieves.  We tried a few different tuggers.  These are motorized dollies you can attach to the trailer and manually pull it.  There is an incline on the driveway and we just could not get them to work.

Ray bought a winch and installed a stake in the ground and welded the winch to it.  He’s had one trial run and gotten everything to work the way he hoped.  Tomorrow we are going to test it out again to make sure we have a handle on.  The winch was covered by the metal box that normally goes on the generator.  We had a vinyl tarp in the garage.  We took a few measurements, cut the vinyl to the measurements and I boxed the corners on my 301.  I was happy it sewed through everything.

There will be a box over the tarp to prevent a trip hazard.  I texted Patty and sent her pictures.  I told her I was channeling my inner patty!  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Im almost done with my next cross stitch project.  I just lack the tutu.  I’ll add that once I decide how to finish it.  I may finish it and keep it in a ziploc to protect the 3D aspect of it.

I’m in search of my next cross stitch.  I may just generalize it to hand work or small project as I have lots of little things I just don’t get to but would like to.  I won a cute little wool project from Carole at  Quilting Adventures.  That seems to be the forerunner in my mind right now.

Linking up with Patti at Elm Street Quilts for the finish linkup for September OMG.


ButterZ said...

Great stitching on that cover

Chantal said...

Congrats on the flimsy. Scrappiness at its best. Well done with the Xstitch. Can't wait to see the tutu. ;^)

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Love your flimsy and I was impressed with your sewing of the winch cover! 301s are amazing machines.

patty a. said...

Good job getting your September OMG done. It is a beautiful top! You did a great job on the cover. I have material coming this week for the second 8' round cover to replace the first one the dog ripped up. I hope the winch works out for moving the camper. I have seen what my brother goes thru moving the trailer after it gets unloaded when we get home from a gig. It would be much lighter than a camper and it's on a fairly flat surface. He has a jack with two wheels that picks up the trailer at the ball and he and his son can move it back and forth until they get it placed to the side of the driveway.

Janice said...

Well done on finishing your quilt top and the cover turned out well.

Patty said...

Lovely quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

Ondrea said...

You LT quilt is lovely. Cute crosstitch.