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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Stitching and Stitching

I finished the stitching of my cute little dragonfly.  I did a little research on finishing it into a (pin) pillow and have to choose fabric to get that done.  This was a good starter piece because it helped remind me about chart reading and “special” stitches.

As soon as I completed that I sought out my next project and jumped right in.  I had been in a thrift store and the little kit was only  $1.99.  It has specialty threads in it that I wanted to learn to use.  I bought it at the time when my vision was at a bad place.  I wondered if I’d be able to stitch at the time and was unable to do so.  I put it away.

I picked it up a week ago and have made great progress.  I remember the frustration I felt when I first worked on it.  I have run into a tough part where I’m stitching white in single strand thread.  In addition to my lighting I may have to only stitch in the daytime as well in order to see it.  I decided to skip to the last of the color parts and then I’ll have to fill in with the white which may make it easier to see where I’m going.

This activity has greatly reduced my screen time too.  I have to start thinking about what’s next.

So lest you think I’m not quilting I have some progress there too.  There is now a double wide design board.  It’s amazing.  I lay out my Lakeview Terrace to get the color placement arranged.  I was surprised that I could see with my naked eye a spot that appeared washed out.  I moved that block to the edge where it wasn’t as noticeable.  When I took a picture I spotted another area and moved that to the edge as well.

Here is the final layout.  I just need to sew the columns together after I press them first to get finger pressed seams more firmly in place.

Hope you’re having a productive week in whatever you do.


patty a. said...

Your dragonfly turned out so cute. That is a great idea stitching a small piece to practice specialty stitches. So nice to have that big of a design wall.

Elle said...

Cute Cute Cute!

Chookyblue...... said...

I like your cross stitches..... Haven't done any for years..... Must pull one out and see if the eyes are up for the challenge.....