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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Quilting Progress #3

I finished the third.  It was a struggle with thread breaking repeatedly.  I consulted Facebook groups, YouTube, friends and every other source I could find.  I tried all the things.  I finally just finished it breaks and all.  Not my proudest moment.

I read a tip that said loosen the top and bottom tension.  I opted to loosen just the top by two full turns and then started stitching. It was surprisingly close and I was able to stitch quite a bit without a single break. I consulted with a friend and she suggested an eighth of a turn tighter on the bottom but it ultimately needed a full quarter turn. Stitches look great and I’m gonna try again, fingers crossed. The fourth quilt is in progress of being loaded.


patty a. said...

There seems to be a lot of breaking thread issues going around. Let's hope the rest of the quilting goes smoothly! You are making great progress!

Chantal said...

Better luck with the next one. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love friends with advise!!

cityquilter grace said...

those setbacks are a nuisance but good to see you are making progress..