Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

What’s Next and UFO Challenge

The quilts are boxed up and winging their way north.  It’s in the hands of UPS now.  They said Saturday delivery so we shall see.  I’ve really gotten to know my machine in quilting nine quilts in a row.  Now that I warmed up I decided to join a UFO challenge on the stashbuster io group.

The entry fee to join is $1 and 2 FQs.  If you’re selected queen based on a rolling list then you have one week to complete a quilt or pay a FQ penalty.  You also have to complete one UFO per quarter.   I think most people can not be crowned by simply finishing oneUFO each quarter.  The number of participants also determines how often your name will bubble up to the top.

Another unofficial challenge they do is the random UFO challenge.  You list your UFOs at the beginning of the year.  At the first of each month they draw a low number and a high number.  The low number is 1-12 and the high number is 13-?  Where the highest number was the number of UFOs the leader of the challenge has.  Last year it was 80.  She had a lot of finishes so will be interesting to see what high number she uses.

For lists of UFOs I made three lists of 12.  This way there will be 3 items randomly drawn to inspire me to finish that month.  One list is of tops that I have a recipient in mind for, the second list is of tops that I wanted to complete but it turned out I had 20 tops with someone in mind.  These two categories just need quilting and binding.  The third list is of piecing UFOs.  I was able to quickly list 9 and that was without really looking.  There is a cutting party going on to hurry and make more UFOs so they can be counted in 2023.  I’m going to cut to grow my list.

So I’m warmed up and ready to go.  I started loading one of my UFOs with  an intended recipient.  The top needs a good pressing and I have to cut the batt.   I’ve chosen my thread.  I sketched my quilting plan and need to load a bobbin.  My goal is for a 1/6 completion because I will be seeing the recipient then.

  I’ll be using that lime green!  More to come!


cityquilter grace said...

oooh that's a pretty one! off and running already i see...lol

patty a. said...

Congratulations on getting those 9 quilts done! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

ShinyNewThing said...

well done on all your productive work! Have a great Christmas and best wishes for a quilty new year!