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Monday, November 17, 2008

Stashbuster Virtual Retreat Was This Past Weekend

I had big plans but did not accomplish as much as I had hoped. I pieced another baby quilt. I chose a quilt pattern for FIL and bought and washed the fabric for it. I had sleep issues Saturday night and spent Sunday trying to get straightened out in that department. I napped or loom knit throughout the day. I am making socks for dd. They look like booties and are made from yarn called Frosting. It is very spongy and feels wonderful. The first pair is a yellow and a blue held together. I have plans for 2 more pair after this. Great t.v. watching project.

I was talking to a friend about progress. How frustrating it can be to put a lot of effort into something and not really have much to show for it. She used to do demolition so and knows exactly where I am at. She relayed to me "Look at that empty lot. I did that." See what I mean? You know there was a lot of effort in tearing down and clearing away but what is there to show for the effort? Quilting is the same way. It is nice to look at the stack of fabric. But there is a good bit of work to go into that fabric before you have someting to show for it. I guess I am feeling a little daunted with the prep work I am about to put into FIL's quilt before I can actually start piecing it.

Pictures soon!

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Donna said...

Just remember to take one step at a time. Sometimes it helps to break the steps down into 15 or 30 minute tasks, then plan to do one or two of the smaller tasks a day. Next thing you know the quilt is done. Good Luck!