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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Knifty Knitted Shawl and some swooze logic. I inherited some yarn from my mother-in-law when she passed away. I held onto it for many years and finally accepted that I would not use the majority of it. I sent most off to a lady that knits for charity. There were several skeins of this white nubby yarn. I now know it as boucle. I was really intrigued with this yarn and was determined to find something to make with it. I happened upon these 4 round looms. I don't remember how they caught my eye but I was intrigued and decided I would make something on them with the yarn I was saving. I knitted myself a hat and matching scarf and was quite pleased with how it turned out. There are two little pamphlets that were put out by Provocraft for the looms. One of them had a shawl in it that I was just intrigued with. It called for knitting on every other peg and was done on the biggest loom. I went to work and finished the first panel. I decided that it wasn't wide enough so I made a second narrower panel and sewed it to the first then added fringe. The first one I made was in a green and now happily resides in Maryland. My co-worked saw it and really liked it. I hunted for just the right yarn and color for her and whipped another one out in a week. I presented it to her for her birthday last year. Here it is along with the happy recipient.

I started out with a few skeins of yarn that I wanted to make into something special. Now I have huge bags of yarn for my Knifty Knitters and have bought more looms in different gauges.

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Cathi said...

Found your blog via Stashbuster. I am also a knitting quilter and just got some knifty knitter looms in the last few months... I have made only a few hats and a scarf...they go together so fast! Where can you find good patterns for them, and what weight yarn do you find works best with them?

Cathi in Ireland