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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"May I Help You Sir?" I laugh. The man behind the counter looks up and says "I am sorry ma'am. Can I help you?" I remember the first time this happened. I felt offended and got a little huffy. Each time this has happened since then I have become more and more amused. I spend a few minutes trying to analyze why they think I am a man. I have short hair but I am not flat chested. I am 6' tall. Who knows. I think today the man saw that my "middle" was about the right height for a man and didn't see a purse dangling on my side. Another time the pizza kid behind the counter didn't have his contacts on and squinted real hard and apologized. I think I like to laugh now since it tortures them a bit.

On this topic I have another funny story. I moved from NY to TX and had my license transferred. I might have had it renewed one time before this incident but can't recall. I go down to the DMV to renew my license. I just happened to notice that somewhere along the way that my license says M for male. I am 8 months pregnant and the following conversation ensues.
Me: Hi. I need to have my license renewed and by the way I noticed that it is incorrectly marked as male. Can you fix that for me.

DMV Lady: I will have to verify with Austin. (State Capitol)

Me: I laugh and say OK.

DMV Lady leaves and goes into a back room. A few minutes later she comes back and eyes me nervously. She says that she could not reach anyone.

Me: What do you need to verify? I am 8 months pregnant. You can call my doctor. She can confirm that I am female.

DMV Lady: Nervous pause....

Me: We can step into the ladies room and I can show you that I am a woman.

DMV Lady: Nervous pause....she asks me to wait just a minute, she has to call Austin. Off she goes into the back room.

Me: I am feeling evily proud of myself about now but also a little frustrated.

DMV Lady comes back out flustered and nervous. She explains that she couldn't reach anyone and says she doesn't like to change these types of things without verifying but agrees to do so.

Me: I offer to show her that I am in fact a female. I also ask why it is such a big deal.

DMV Lady goes on to explain, in a whisper at this point, that there are quite a few men that come in dressed as women and want to have female on their license.

I look at her and say hmmmm...that is interesting.

DMV Lady: Please step to the line and look at this mark on the camera. She snaps the photo. She processes the renewal.

I happily walk out with my new license and sex change. What a riot!


Kevin and Becky said...

I went in to the DOL (Department of Licensing here) to get my license renewed. The gal behind the desk asked if anything had changed on my license. I hemmed and hawed, because I hadn't changed the weight on my license for 20 years. She said, "You know whatever it says on your license is truth as far as I am concerned."
Gave me a grin


Triller said...

Funny story!
And good luck with your goals for this year.

Beth said...

Too funny swoozie! I have to say I have not been mistaken for a male since I was a little girl...I was born with NO hair and mom dressed me in frilly smocked dresses and people would still say "Oh what a cute little boy"...Go Figure!

Paula said...

When I was 12- 15 years old, my neighbors thought there were 2 boys in our household, I really believe if people see you with short hair, that is what they think..

June in MD said...

I had to chuckle and here I thought I was the only person that regularly got mistaken for a man. I know my voice is a little low but geez... I have boobs and everything!! I find myself more and more often correcting people that I'm a ma'am and they say "what?", I say "ma'am", and after about the 3rd time I say "I am a woman, not a sir" and they laugh nervously and say, "oh, yeah..". It's a hoot though!!

Mama Koch said...

I'm also 6' tall and your predictament is why I cannot cut my long hair off. My sound silly to others, but believe me been-there--done--that!

Nice to meet ya!