Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why does a project become a UFO? I know why I stopped quilting in general for awhile. My kids came along and I spent all my time with them. Like I tell my kids, you have to choose how you want to spend your time as there is not enough time to do everything. The kids are at the age where they can entertain themselves and happily do so. They still want me to spend time with them and I do but they don't want every minute any longer.

I have a goal to try and "sew" 15 minutes a day. This just means work on a project. It may be pulling fabrics, ironing, cutting or actual sewing. I kept myself from sewing for so long because I felt I had so many other things to do. I was not allowing myself to sew until this things were donw. I got to the point where I never sewed and I never got all these other things done. So when I say I make it a goal to sew....I make it a goal to give myself permission to sew everyday. It has worked wonderfully for me so far.

My current project? My King size Log Cabin. The main portion of the top was done and only lacked the borders. I started cutting those this past weekend and finally totally finished the top last night. Why did I stop working on this one? I think it might be because it was so large and hard to handle. Then again the people this was intended for did get a divorce. I look at other unfinished projects and realize it is probably that something shinier and more interesting came along. This all seems to point back to me not having the discipline to finish what I start. That is probably the reason I have the UFOs I do have.

When I worked on the King Log Cabin in short sessions it seemed much more maneagable. If I grew tired of fiddling with it I could stop as I had my 15 in. If I felt like continuing I could. In fact, last night while sewing on the first two sides of the final border I decided I would cut the last two sides and stop. After I cut them I decided I would just pin them on and leave the last seams for the next session. Then I decided I was this close why not just sew them on real quick. There I have it, a completed top! I plan to piece the backing...hope to finish that by the weekend so I can mail the whole thing off to be quilted!


Beth said...

You are really going to town! I cannot wait to see the finished Log Cabin!! You go girl!! Keep it up!

Triller said...

That's a good plan...doing in small increments like that. Then you can always feel you've accomplished something!
Looking forward to seeing pics when it's finished!

kjquilts said...

UFOs...that is question I ponder too. I made up my mind to get mine done a couple of years ago. No rules, just work on them. I have almost cut my list in half. I'm going to keep going until I finish them all up! Can't wait to see a picture of your log cabin.

Clare said...

Hi. You left a comment on my blog about practising your French. My French is dreadul, but my daughter is fluent and bi-lingual. I'm fixing her up with a blog this weekend so keep an eye on my blog for the link. Thanks for dropping by.

Morah said...

Oh Gosh! Don't tell me it takes forever to do a king sized log cabin. I just finished 62 of 144 blocks......I want it done! Yesterday!!!

Shelina said...

I've been doing that too - 15 minutes a day, with the option to renew. I'm getting all sorts of things done. It has even made me work on the cooking and cleaning faster.