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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Found a fix. One of my 12 Days swap blocks was 1/2" too small. I had to find a solution and had an idea to add fabric to two sides to give an attic window effect. I started searching for a fabric to use and saw the scraps from my Rail Fence I quilted in December. It was a great coordinate. I layed it next to the block and decided to just frame the block with it. There will be a very narrow border that will give it a picture frame effect. I planned to sew it last night but was too tired. Hope to add it tonight and get my pressing done. Then I can finish the top for the quilt! Then onto my search for a backing! Pictures tomorrow. I promise.

Augie, the puppy is hardly sneezing now. He is almost well. Pepper feels better but is still coughing and sneezing. I am hoping she will turn the corner on that in the next few days. We are losing sleep as her fits wake us up and keep us up several times a night. Now Jack is hurting. He cries getting up and down or if someone bumps into him. We are giving him aspirin and watching to see if a vet visit is in order. Hard to watch him get older!

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Carole said...

Different measurement is what keeps me out of swaps. Amazing the difference in 1/4 inch. Oh well, sounds like a great solution to me. Looking forward to pictures. Keep well!