Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A little bit stuck. Shifting gears is one of the hardest things for me to do. I was wailing away at the UFOs but knew I had to stop on those to work on some swap blocks that need embroidery on them. I don't want to stop working on my UFOs.... So I pull out the blocks and start the embroidery. I have conversations in my head that go something like this..... "I wonder if I should just wait until I get my new machine. It is better equiped for this sort of work. No I better do it I need to get these out to the ladies. I have been promising them for over a month now. " Then the interruptions of conference calls for work taken from home. I have to keep motivating myself to get back in there.

I have four thread colors to do and was planning to do at least one a day. I did almost two the first day then none the next two days. Come on girl get back in there! Tonight I don't know of anything that will interrupt my sewing time. Someone made some suggestions to me so I will make a practice piece real quick to see how it goes. If that works out well I will try to get through the third color tonight.

When these are done I have some other items I have been promising. A pair of fleece socks and two ear flap hats (knit). Weather is getting too warm for these but I should just get them out of the way. The socks I can get out of the way in about an hour or so. The hats I can work on in front of tv when I want to watch my shows and can't sew anyhow. Am I your classic procrastinator? :D


Wendy said...

It's hard to stay focused on one thing at a time when there are many deadlines. It takes me some effort to switch gears and start on something else. I understand how you feel.

Greenmare said...

sounds normal to me, but mine goes like this:
Before I sew this next thing I'll get a drink/use the bathroom, then I'll take a second to check my email (second hah! not with dial up)gosh, that's going to take a while to download, guess I'll check my blog, maybe someone commented, hmm that's taking a while to download, I'll play some solitaire while I'm waiting......