Judy L's UFO Challenge

Monday, March 26, 2007

I picked up my new machines Friday afternoon. I called ahead to make sure they knew I was coming. I picked up DD and then went to the store. They had everything ready and the sales lady was demo'ing to another lady so we loaded the machines while she finished up. She knew what I needed to see and called us over when she got to that point in her demo. We just needed to see winding bobbins and threading the machines. She was great. Showed us what we wanted to see and a little more. I bought extra bobbins for DD and me. I know how I am and use lots of them. DD suggested I just pull all the thread off the bobbin instead of the spares. I do that when I am at the end of the bobbin but not when it is full. I am happy with the extras.

DD and I headed to Starbucks and talked a little then went home. I went into my quilt chat room and everyone asked if I had sewn yet. They ribbed me since everything was still out in the car. I finally left the room and brought it all in. I loaded it on the dining table since I was not prepared to set it up in my sewing room yet. I had to finish my current project on my old machine. I didn't want to relearn on the new one. When I finished I folded the old machine down into the cabinet.

It was a strange feeling to put this machine away since I knew it was because my primary machine was now taking a backseat to the new one. I am happy to have the new machine but I have history with the old one. My mother bought this machine when I was very young. She can't remember exactly when. I have many memories of mom using this machine. Sometime before I married she bought a newer machine with fancy stitches on it. When I married and was getting ready to move she told me I could take her old machine. I remember it sitting in my apartment and then moving to the house. I can't recall how much I used it but about 4 years later I became interested in quilting and really put it to work. It has been a very good machine. I just want to do all sorts of new techniques and this machine doesn't have specialty stitches and is hard to fit for new feet. Both my mother and husband are pressuring me about what I plan to do with it. My plan of course is to keep it. It is funny since I also have MIL's machine, never have used it and he hasn't pressured me to get rid of that one.

So the new machine. I played with it for a little while Saturday night to get the tension set and try the different stitches. I feel like I have a decent feel for the machine now. The next day I pieced a backing which required a simple straight stitch. Next I sewed a binding onto a UFO, again a straight stitch but used my 1/4" foot and sewed through several thicknesses. So far so good. When I finish my hand sewing on that binding I will then bind another UFO on the machine. To do this I definately need to get the machine setup in a better place than what I have now.


Beth said...

So call me Mrs. Impatient...I wan pictures woman!!!!

Thanks for posting your machine adventures, I know you will have many happy years with your new baby!!! Hugs!!!

Carole said...

Congrads on obtaining you new toy. Looking forward to seeing the projects you will be making on your new machine. I couldn't get rid of my first machine. I originally gave it to my daughter, who was 8 at the time. I bought her a new machine last year at the age of 9. She took a quilting workshop at the Bernina dealer last summer and she got to keep the machine. Hope your daughter enjoys her new machine. Keep well and happy quilting!

Lynn E said...

hey how are you lovely machine isn't it. Just a heads up janomes don't like purchased prewound bobbins unless they are janome prewounds. and use nothing but the janome bobbins. again machines will get cranky and will have to sent in for an attitude adjustment. I purchased the memory craft 11000. Its my baby. and my machines, they are not jealous of each other because they are for 2 different purposes.

Wendy said...

You'll love your new machine and still love the old one too. I purchased the same one a couple of months ago and just love it. My old one is for taking to classes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Swooze! Love the sewing room pics! Now, if you collected Ferraris I could see your family pressuring you to get rid of one, but you know sewing machines take very little space. You could thread the old one with dark thread, and have it ready for repairs. Be sure to use it occasionally, so the oil doesn't gum up.
webecca (owner of 10+ sewing machines)