Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Baby Irish Chain. I sat down to decide how to quilt this quilt. I unfolded it and to my surprise found that it had been half way hand quilted. I had purchased this quilt from ebay for $17.50 a few years ago. I knew that I would not finish hand quilting it so went to work ripping the hand stitches out. The quilting was not that fine so it is coming out quickly. I hope to complete the ripping tonight and will then make a swatch of some of the specialty stitches so that I can make a decision on how to proceed.

12 Days of Christmas. I pulled this quilt top out and looked at a piece of white fabric that I had already cut. I am not sure what I had intended to use it for but it wasn't large enough for the backing. I took the bolt of 60" wide bleached muslin and cut a piece and threw it into the washer with my load of wash. It is sitting in the dryer waiting for me to pull it and press it so I can baste the quilt. I am planning on stippling the blocks and may put some specialty stitches in and around the sashing.

Wow, two more finishes this month sure would be nice! If possible I will even squeeze in the 9 patch that I have everything ready for.


Greenmare said...

Oh my goodness, your baby Irish chain reminds me of one I got on ebay. The quilt maker got sick of it and just put it up for auction. She had started hand quilting it, and I was lucky enough to have a friend from my guild finish it for me. My hand quilting leaves a good deal to be desired! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of yours soon!

Judy said...

Good luck with your finishes! It feels sooo good to mark one off the list!

Beth said...

Way to go swoozey!!! I can't wait to see them both finished!

I finished the Blue & White top last night and am trying to decide now if it needs borders or not....Given the way it is sashed, it really won't matter either way, guess I need to look at it for a day or 2....LOL

Wendy said...

Keep up with the finishes, you're on a roll.... The baby irish chain is so cute.