Judy L's UFO Challenge

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend of bent and broken needles. I had every intention to come home Friday night and jump right into quilting on the 9 patch. But about mid afternoon I started feeling queasy. I had a migraine coming on and no matter what I did I could not ward it off. I limped home and fell into bed. I lay down for an hour or so and started feeling well enough to get up and make dinner. In fact I think hubby had already grilled the meat so I just had to reheat that and make sides. I cannot even remember at this point if I went into my sewing room to sew that night.

Saturday I got up and we all got ready to go to the Real Texas Festival here in town. They now gate up all the vendors and carnival rides so that you have to pay $8 a person to get to these people when they used to be lined up in old downtown and you had free access. We had gotten free tickets so no big deal for us. The crowd wasn't that big but we got there when it first opened. I am sure the younger crowd showed later that evening for the music. I quilted half of the top in the first direction. There were some rough spots but all in all it was manageable. I went back later that night and that is when the trouble began. I was hitting the bumps in the seams and first broke a needle trying to work through that. Not a minute after changing that needle I bent the new one. In spite of all the trouble I kept going. I got to a point where I decided it best to stop. I noticed the tension was loose on the last two rows so I picked those out and called it quits.

Sunday I got up again with the intent to sew. I had lots of things to accomplish and knew my time would be split. I mananged to work a few hours on calls that I was required to be on and got groceries. I even cooked dinner. And no, I didn't make it to the sewing room!

So much for 2 more finishes this month!


Carole said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow! ;o) Tonight, have a glass of wine (or whatever you like to feel relax) and enjoy the moment! Hum... I think I'll heed my own advice! lol Keep well!

Beth said...

So sorry you didn't get the quilts finished hon :( As they say.....The best laid plans....

But they will get finished in due time and then it will be on to the next project :) Just take your time and enjoy the process instead of stressing about inihsing deadlines :)

You are making great progress!

Leigh said...

There are some days when you just shouldn't sew. When things keep going wrong it is a sign and if you keep going they often get worse.
Hope you are feeling on top of things now :-)

Clare said...

Don't push yourself. I get days when I know I should be quilting, but I just haven't got the inclination. If I do push myself I only end up unpicking it all. Just chill for a few days.

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