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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Altering Pillowcases


Yes.  You read correctly.  I am altering pillowcases.  You see, I have this nice neighbor that likes to help.  She came down and helped me fold all that stash that you saw in my cabinets a few posts back.  She asked me if I would shorten her king cases to standard.  I said go get those cases and bring one the size that you want. 

POOF!!  She was gone and back with 4 cases.  3 to alter and one to use as my pattern.  I thought having a sample eliminated any communication issues.  Well boyfriend decided he needed to turn some of the power off to the house but he turned off most of the power to the house in the middle of our sewing session.  Note: dinner was on the stove as well.  Power stayed on for the stove but not the sewing machine.  He planned that didn't he?

Power back on.  Dinner eaten.  Three cases sewn for the first seam to shorten.  One sewn to French seam it.  One case delivered so the neighbor could test drive it on her pillow.  All is good.  Two more French seams to go.

Anyone see the irony in all this?  Let's add that I am ironing these cases to make sure the seam is nice and neat.  Hey, I sewed didn't I?  And no one wanted to see pictures of store bought  pillowcases did they?

Quilty hugs!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. I understand perfectly about the power thing. Frank leaves to head to Mississippi this morning but calls me at 9 AM saying I shouldn't drive on my left front tire since it was low. And that he would take care of it when he got back.......huh?

Deborah Hamilton said...

Yeah, let's see some pictures. Are you going to the quilt show tomorrow?

Gari in AL said...


Rhonda said...

Warn me next time that your post is going to be so funny that I spew my coke all over the floor. Boyfriend/electricity off, too funny!!