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Monday, June 24, 2013

Design Wall Monday 6/24/2013

Do you recognize these fabrics?  These are blocks I made for a love quilt using the rectanbgles I showed previously.  I made two from Mom's stash and signed her name to them.  They are all on their way to be included in the top.

Next up is my Feedsack Patches top,  I made the inner border and have pinned the first one on to be sewn.  I broke the needle threader on my Janoime so wasted time with threading the machine.  Grr!!

I spent more time tweaking things in the sewing room.  Putting things away mainly.  At this rate I shoiuld be done by NEVER!  Ah well.  Progress is progress,  Trying to squelch the startitis and feed the finishitis!!

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Quilty hugs.


Deborah Hamilton said...

I really like the musical note fabric.

Kate said...

Love the hearts, very fun. Good luck squelching the startitis. If you come up with a cure for that, please share!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

love the hearts!

Bonnie said...

I recognize those hearts. I need to sign and get mine in the mail. I was surprised how many yellow/orange already turned in.