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Friday, June 14, 2013

Out of Balance

When I do something I usually focus on that one thing to the exclusion of everything else.  Right now I am sorting out my craft treasures, decluttering and organizing.  This is really a sub piece of the overall task of cleaning out the garage of all the boxes.  I eat, drink, sleep and dream opening boxes.  I have been at this task for going on 2 weeks now (on the most recent iteration) and quite frankly I am feeling burned out.  I am quite cranky too.

Last night I decided to take a little break and drove over to meet the group that sits and knits/crochets at the REC center.  When I got there they were not in their usual place.  I asked if they were still meeting and was told it was next week.  I left frustrated because this was to be some fun time for me.  I went back home and pouted for a minute, had a wine cooler on the patio, went to visit the neighbor for a short time and then returned home to cook and then work on organizing my bathroom and bedroom area.  While eating something came up that took up quite a bit of time and caused a lot of unhappiness.  By this time I was so frustrated I just went to bed and did nothing else.

I know part of my problem is that I get pretty inflexible when I set my mind to a task.  If I have something planned I want to follow that plan to it's completion.  I don't usually allow for anything else when I get in this mode.  I am sure a few of you that know me personally might be surprised but then again maybe not.  I don't show this side too often.

So what is the answer?  I think it is that I need to allow for interruptions because they always happen.  I need to schedule in some fun time through the process but not get upset if it doesn't happen.  Honestly when I get on a roll I am quite happy to stick with a not so fun task as long as I am accomplishing a lot.

You will probably find me hard at work on that garage this weekend with no real change to my original plan.  I will try to take my breaks sitting in my chair in my sewing room.  Maybe something will catch my interest enough to make me forget all these boxes and want to sew instead of declutter.  Who knows.  I just want to be done.  Should I post some before pictures to keep me motivated on the decluttering?  You know that will just make me more determined and set in finishing that task and not doing anything else.

Am I a strange duck or are you like this too?


barbara woods said...

no dear you are normal, we women have to focus so we can get things done, but take care of yourself too

Deborah Hamilton said...

You are not odd at all. You will eventually get the job done, but you do need breaks from time to time.

Rhonda said...

I don't think you are a strange duck at all. I have that side when I'm sewing on a new project and "do not" wish to be disturbed...and I mean no phone calls, no mailman at the door needing my signature. I don't even what to stop to eat when I'm on a roll, so I can see your point of view totally.
Posting photos helps to keep you motivated. At least it does me.
Take care, my friend!!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

The swissys would never interrupt me unless I forgot a bone time. The bassets interrupt every five minutes. I have been forced to learn how to deal with interruptions. Because, my dear, I am just like you.

The older I get,the more intolerant to interruptions I get. And the more interruptions come my way.

I hope the bummer news thing works out. You don't need unhappiness any more than I do!


Gari in AL said...

OK, so this made me smile. I tend to be the same but retirement has taught me that interruptions are going to happen and my plans frequently don't match the plans of others. I do take time for a little reading, a little computer time, as little cleaning as I can get away with, and my sewing/quilting. If I can fit all that in, plus DH, every day, I feel it is a worthwhile use of my time. It also means that it takes me a little (a lot) more time to get things done but they do get done, eventually. ;-)