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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More Grand Illusion and Lazy Sunday

I've been doing a bit of frogging since I last blogged.  You can look at my last post about Grand Illusion and see that the borders are attached wrong.  2 have the pink facing out and 2 have the pink facing in.  An eagle eye at my church sewing group noticed it as soon as I held it up to share.  Everyone said leave it as a design element.  I just couldn't.  All fixed.  No new photo to share.

A few days before that as I was working on the pieced border for Lazy Sunday I had a realization.  Four of the pink, orange and turquoise blocks have one corner that is made with green.  I hoped that I had placed them correctly before I lay out the rows.  It would have to be total luck.  Argh!  Two were in the right position but rotated.  Two were not.  I ripped out the 6 offending blocks from the top and corrected everything.  Onward progress.

I chose my colors for my border and completed the first two.  I attached them and lay it on the ground.  I was shocked at the sharp contrast and wasn't really thrilled with it.  All the fabrics in the border are also in the body of the quilt.  I guess the coolness of the blues make my background appear whiter while the warm colors more beige.

I made plans to take them off then put slab borders on with the warm colors.  I posted on Facebook and had enough feedback suggesting I move forward.  Even to add one of the warm colors as a final border.

Here is a close up of my chosen fabric for that suggestion.

Another shot a little farther away.  I am going ahead with this plan.  I coincidently saw an Orca Bay quilt on Bonnie Hunters blog that had a very similar effect.  It just serves as an interesting, eye catching frame.  I have all the pieces for the remaining sides of the pieced border sewn and just need to chain them together.  Also, serendipitously, I had miscut my inner border too wide the first time.  Turns out I am using those strips for my outer border.



QuiltSwissy said...

I like the colors in that quilt. the warm strip on the outside does calm that wonderful border down a bit.

Great job on the quilt.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

don't you just hate it when you find out you have put pieces in wrong and then rip out - that has happened to me too - actually once after I had already started quilting I notice I had something in the wrong direction and had to stop and gently take out and replace!

cityquilter grace said...

it'll be gorgeous when finished...i love the colors and batiks, always a good choice

Judy S. said...

Great colors; I love it!