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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Best Laid Plans

I announced to you all that I was going to quickly finish up the second bag. Right after that post I went to bed and started coughing. I got up and searched for the elastic for the second bag while sucking on a cough drop. I tried going back to bed but would just cough. I ended up staying up until 3 am and was able to fall asleep purely from exhaustion. Sadly I have pretty much been in bed with the crud since then.

Friday my son took me to the doc where I received a steroid shot and antibiotics. By that evening I actually felt hungry and sat up for an hour. Today I still have an appetite and have eaten well. I've been awake more today but still in bed. I got up for a few hours to eat and watch tv. I got a crazy idea to go sew on that bag. What I should have completed in 15 minutes took well over an hour. I also broke into a sweat doing this. I'll try again tomorrow but in shorter spurts.

I'm aiming for a shower tomorrow too. If you don't hear from me send out a search party!


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Chantal L. said...

So sorry to hear that. You rest and take it easy as it's obviously what you need the most at the moment. Hope you get better soon. Sending prayers your way. ;^)